The Definitive Bass Guitar Learning Path

Take Bass Guitar Lessons with our tailored and complete learning path, developed by a professional with over 30 years of experience and supported by a community of bass guitar players.

Our bass guitar lessons are carefully structured and deliver a step-by-step guide, divided into three sections: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Enroll today and start your journey to becoming a great bass player!

Learn Grooves and Songs in any Style: Blues, Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, RnB, Jazz, and more. Practice with professional Backing Tracks recorded in different Tempos.

Learning Path

Develop your inner groove and become a bass guitar player who can lay down the fundamentals of any song with our rhythm exercises.

Get a thorough understanding of music theory, including chords, scales, arpeggios, and improvisation with our hands-on and fun playing exercises. All lessons are notated in standard music notation and TABs, with downloadable ebooks and printable versions. Continue your studies on any device, starting a session on your tablet and continuing it on your phone or desktop. 

This is the only online course that can deliver the same learning experience as your local school at a fraction of the cost. If you’re tired of learning from YouTubers or other online courses without structure and guidance, this is the only course you’ll ever need!

Part 1 of this Course will give you years of study material and hosts over 1200 detailed Video Lessons, giving you access to a complete Step by Step guide from the very beginning to an early advanced Level.

Part 2 is currently in development and will provide you with everything you need to further your studies to become a professional Bass Guitar Player and Musician.

(Part 2 will be released shortly and is included in your subscription without any additional charges)


The live Masterclasses and 1on1 Lessons

Join Urs in monthly Live Stream Masterclasses and get your questions answered to dive deeper into specific topics.

Urs will base the topic of each Masterclass depending on the activities and questions asked in the “Bass Guitar” Classroom. He will identify pain points among his students and address them in the Masterclasses.

Book 1on1 Live Videos Lessons with the Creator of this Course, Urs Nuessli. (paid add-on)

Let Urs guide you every step of your development as an in-demand Bass Guitar Player

The Bass Guitar Classroom

Get access to a private (for students only), interactive Classroom and take part in conversations around this Course, without any outside distractions.

Interact with your Instructor directly in Live Chats, private or group discussions, exchange Audio, Video, Photos, or Sheet Music files with anybody inside the Bass Guitar Classroom (for Subscribers only).

Upload Videos of YOUR playing and share them with your Instructor and the whole Community to get instant feedback and steadily improve your playing and musicianship with the help of your Instructor and a Community of fellow Bass Guitar Players.



The AME Community

Get full access to the entire AME Community, where musicians from all over the World talk about their path and challenges of learning the Art of Music.

The Motto here is simple: Help and Get Help.

Live Chat with other members in a private environment and make lasting connections. Join group discussions on specific topics you are interested in.

Create your topics or private Groups and invite other members to join. Decide whether the groups you create should be accessible for anybody or closed for invited members only. The choice is yours!
The AME Platform powers all. Access on any device.

Dedicated IOS and Android APPs for Smartphones and Tablets are coming soon…

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