Welcome to the Apollo Music Education and Community Platform

Welcome to Apollo Music Education

We are excited to finally open the AME Education and Community Platform doors to everybody interested in playing a musical instrument or any other music-related studies and sharing their experiences and knowledge with like-minded individuals. As we have been developing the AME Platform over the last three years, we would like to let you know the story behind how it came about and our plans for the future. 

Why another Online Music School? 

It was early 2020, at the start of the Pandemic, and like so many people worldwide, we were in Lockdown with plenty of time. So we thought there would never be a better time to learn to play another instrument next to the ones we have played for over 25 Years. We jumped online and searched for the best Courses on offer. After 3 Months of subscribing to every Online Music School, we became frustrated to conclude that no Course or School could give us what we were looking for. There was one school we liked but was financially unfeasible for us: Berklee Online

So what was wrong with all the Courses we had taken? The biggest drawback was that they needed a more explicit structure. The Instructors needed the necessary experience or education to gather for a professional course we would get if we went to a local music school. The courses were created mainly by YouTubers or famous Stars. However, they could play their Instrument very well; the Lessons had been somehow puzzled together, and it was more confusing than enlightening. The other reason we didn’t get what we were looking for was the need for two-way communication between the Instructor and the students, and it was just a monologue.

How could it be done better? 

For us, it was clear that the only way to learn an instrument the right way was to put the interests of the students at the core, not the “Ego” of the course creator, get the “real” Teachers to create courses, as they know precisely from their experience teaching at brick and mortal schools what it needs and how the Course should be structured to give the students the best learning experience and the best possible outcome for them. The second pillar of successful online learning was that there needed to be a way for all the students to communicate with each other, like in a Classroom, where the students can talk about their problems and help each other become better musicians together. The Instructor needs to be there to assist everyone taking their Course; the students need guidance! 

The Idea of the AME Platform was born.

We partnered with professionally trained and experienced Teachers to create the ultimate Learning Path for their Instruments with a clear structure tailored to Online Education. From there, we built a team of Videographers, Software Developers, Graphic Designers, 3D Animators, and Marketing Managers to develop the only Learning and Communication Platform tailored for music education: the AME Platform. Three years in the making, we finally have a solid and unique foundation for anything we will develop in the coming future. 

The 5 Pillars of the AME Platform

The AME Community

The free-to-join AME Community is on our website, where everybody is invited to talk about anything related to learning the “Art of Music.” This is the Facebook for Music Education. Members can interact with each other in Live Chats, send private messages to other members, follow and connect, create their study groups, upload and share study materials, and upload Videos and Audio files, all in a distraction-free environment without any adds or unrelated stuff. 

The AME Blog

The Blog will give you, over time, resourceful knowledge and interactive content related to studying music, whether you are learning to play an instrument or want to become a Film Music Composer like Hans Zimmer. This will be the place to find answers to problems you may encounter while learning music. 

The AME Courses

As mentioned, all our Courses will be specifically designed by professionals with tons of experience and tailored to online education. We aim to provide Courses for any Instrument or advanced topics like Composing or Film Scoring. No matter what you would like to learn, we will have the Courses you need to achieve your goal. 

The AME Course Classrooms

Each Course on our site has a private Classroom where subscribers can interact with the Instructor (the Course creator) and all other members. In addition to the vast features the AME Community offers, the students can upload Videos and Audio files directly to our platform, get feedback on their playing from the Instructor and other members, and help other students advance. 

The AME Live Sessions

The Instructors will Stream directly to the Classroom every month and hold Masterclasses on different topics to enhance the learning experience. In addition to the Masterclasses, all students can book 1-on-1 lessons with their respective Instructors to get a well-rounded education. 

The Future of the AME Music Education and Community Platform

As mentioned in this article, we strive to be the go-to place online, where everybody can get professional and affordable music education and connect with like-minded individuals worldwide. Interact, connect, share, exchange, and communicate. Be a part of AME and sign up for the community here. The best part is that it’s entirely free to join! 

We hope to see and chat with you inside! 



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